I politely,carefully,but and yet unequivocally, Withdraw from the masses.The masses of rundown,hurried-up,over-worried and mismanaged mainstream that is, that makes up this life.

   I politely Withdraw from the "old school" mainstream that dominated life early on in the process.With that being said,"I surely and most definitely "Withdraw" from this mainstream, the mainstream of Social Media, Remote Control Work hours, and Grocery Delivery.....

  No not officially, but if I were led to believe that I could or can make it through this life without being part of the mainstream, I would surely "Withdraw". I have just about lost all respect for mankind. We or they, or however or whoever you want to look at it.I have tried to understand it but the farther I reach for it, the farther I fall. I may perform harm upon myself but I will strive to not harm anyone else along the way.

                        Blog@Onavert3.com     2021

       P.S. Any payments or checks or anything I have previo

usly wanted or was owed. I still want it. 



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